A basic module of today’s and tomorrow’s business philosophy

We are proud, that the decision to set the course towards a sustainable company policy was taken very early in our history. This is valid for our headquarter in Germany as well as partciularly for our plant in India, where we focused social and ecological aspects right from the take off in 1994.
A detailed report about Wilhelm India’s activities can be found HERE.

The complete Wilhelm-group is licensed according to ISO 9001-2015 (Quality management) und ISO 14001-2015 (environmental management). Of course, the production is organized in accordance to all relevant guidelines (REACH, ÖKOTEX, CADS, etc.). In the field of health and safety at work Wilhelm Textiles India has reached an outstanding position in the country. The licensing according to ISO 45001 (safety at work) in 2021 has therefore just been a matter of form. HERE you can see our SUSTAINABILITY REPORT with further details about our company‘s philosophy in the whole scope of sustainability.

The interpretation of the term „sustainability“ in the market is still very versatile and therefore we prefer to offer individual solutions to our customers. These concepts should be worked out mutually in order to suit the customer’s needs and ensure a realistic implementation.
Our technical collection traditionally includes a number of articles based on natural fibers and renewable rawmaterials. We are exclusively working with PTFE-free membrane laminates (Wiltex) based on recyclable polyester. Our company’s philosophy is highlighting this key aspect since decades, which has impressively been documented during the foundation of our Indian production plant 25 years ago. Apart from our existing sustainable collection, we have now focused on two more main aspects: „COTTON FROM ORGANIC FARMING“ and „RECYCLING SYSTEMS“.

Cotton from organic farming:  Wilhelm Textiles India is certified under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) as well as under BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). Both are reliable and well know certificates, which are ensuring the supply chain by all-over documentation and control. All cotton-based articles of our technical range (Jersey, Molton, Drill) can be switched to this version at considerably short notice. Currently we are already producing double tracked. We are glad to forward suitable offers to our customers for the supply in India and whole Asia. Simultanously we are just planning an appropriate sustainable Interlining-range for European supply in the coming season.

PES-Recycling fiber: The majority of our existing PES-based articles can be switched to a Recycle-version within a considerably short lead time. The maximum percentage of Recycle-fibers to be used in an article is depending on its technical background. The tolerance is based on look, feel, brilliance, and softness of the quality. Wilhelm Textiles India is certified under GRS (Global Recycle Standard) for this product group. We are gladly preparing individual offers for our customers on demand.